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Home remedy for pimples

Acne is by far one of the most disasters that strike the face and body health and fitness. Clogging of oil glands and pores is what results into pimples. Prevalence of zits is defined by what causes them. To get into depth of treatment methods of this condition, it is important to have a glance of background information regarding this inflammation.

Inflammation of skin is caused by bacteria. When dead cells of skin, hairs and sebum come together, a plug is formed which serves as perfect breeding site for acne causing bacteria. What follows is breaking down of this plug forming an inflammation. This is what is defined as pimple. Whereas it is teenagers and young adults who are greatly affected by this, there are no limitations on age when it comes to zits. People at their late stages of life also fall victim of the same. There are many types of zits which include: blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, papules, cysts and nodules. All of these can be put to an end by use of successful home remedies that I am going to take you through.

Coriander and mint juice contain ingredients that are used to cure zits. A teaspoon of juice from coriander is combined with turmeric powder. This is applied on the face every night after ensuring that your face is washed thoroughly. Alternatively, mint juice can be used in place of coriander juice as a natural treatment method.

Another fantastic method used to heal zits is use of garlic. In its raw form, garlic is rubbed on affected areas a number of times in a day. This is successful in clearing your skin. Besides applying it, its seeds can be taken raw for at least a month and zits will be far gone. The reason for this achievement is the capacities of these seeds to purify blood making zits vanish.

Citrus fruits besides salivating you have powerful medicinal value. Lemon juice in particular reduces intensity and size of spots on your skin. Citric acid in it acts as a bleaching enhancer making those zits clear up. For more attractive results, this juice can be mixed with ground oil to help treat this embarrassing problem. Equally, when peels from orange are mixed with water, an effective home treatment is created.

Honey is considered to be suitable for maintenance of a healthy skin. Mixture prepared from cinnamon powder and honey then left overnight is a perfect curative method of this infuriating problem. If this is followed for at least two weeks, very positive results are obtained. In addition, honey and grated apple when used as facial mask is a well known medication.

It is worth noting that all the treatment methods used in fighting this skin condition calls for regular usage until your skin is entirely perfect. Health and fitness essential for regulating skin care are simple and so nothing should worry anyone about carrying out fitness. Therefore certain that you fitness observation are atop consideration.