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    Doxycycline is used to treat many different bacterial infections

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All of you who are reading this article are perhaps well educated and persons with a good career. It is perhaps rear to find a housewife like my self who is not so highly educated but self taught, attempting to write something to express my ideas and share my views with all of you out there.

I am surprised at myself that I am a busy housewife who does not go to an office to work and earn. That doesn’t mean that I do not have a job. In fact I have a twenty four hour, three hundred sixty five days job that keeps me busy all the time. I do get paid very well but in kind. When I look at all my friends and relatives who are busy working and earning money, I do wonder at myself but do not feel any resentment at all, for I believe that god has given me this duty to serve and bring up this family and so I invest my full abilities to fulfill my responsibilities.

Since the time computers were introduced and internet was founded, I have been lucky that my children taught me how to use them quite early on. Since then I have made it a point to teach myself. Today I spend a lot of time on the internet, contribute to various blogs and generally know the things happening around. In fact I must say that I have benefitted a lot from internet. You might be surprised wondering how is it that a mere housewife finds internet useful. For one thing I have managed to convert all my bill payments, banking and other jobs to online payments. Earlier on I had to spend a lot of hours going from place to place every week standing in the queue and paying the bills. But I have now managed to save that physical effort and time. Secondly I have started buying all things for the home online. I order groceries online from the supermarket and it gets delivered home. This has been a tremendous advantage for I used to spend one full day shopping every week. From the dog food to medicines I order everything online now.

When it comes to medicines, I must admit that I have learnt a lot about medical issues and have been able to enhance my awareness thanks to the internet and online buying of medicines. As I started buying medicines like Doxycycline I also started reading up information about these medicines which gave me a complete understanding of how antibiotics work and which are the broad spectrum antibiotics that are generally used for common colds and coughs as well as infections etc. With this exposure I find that I am able to manage the health of my family better. I have also been able to explore alternate methods of preventive care as well as healing techniques and home remedies. Today whenever my children fall sick due to the weather or due to any other reason, there is less tension and panic. Most often I am able to speak to the doctor on the phone and get the required prescriptions for general ailments.

Unlike earlier I am not too busy with domestic chores all the time. I get sufficient time to explore this vast world of knowledge. It is true that the mother's thinking and vision will ultimately provide for a quality society and generation. If mothers are able to access information and educate themselves, no doubt they are able to guide and bring up children with right values, which will ultimately reflect in the quality of society.

Thanks to Internet, I am one of those housewives who have been benefitted and enabled to provide the right environment to be a good mother and more than that to become a better human being.